With a strong belief in the importance of contributing to human health, we at NS Pharma, Inc. are dedicated to the sure and speedy delivery of opportunities to bring drugs to patients in need, not only from the United States to the European Union and Asia, but also from Japan to the United States and the European Union.

For almost a century our parent company, Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd., has been cultivating comprehensive expertise, wide experience, and extensive know-how toward the development of pharmaceutical drugs, and maintains a strong and robust presence in specific areas of the Japanese market.

We look forward to being a good partner for your future business.

Therapeutic areas of expertise

Nippon Shinyaku’s principal areas of therapeutic contribution are:

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We partner with others around the world to develop and distribute our promising products for patients who need them, especially in areas with less opportunity for drug development.


Our Business Development teams are committed to partnering that emphasizes open communication—particularly with academia, bioventure companies, and industries based in the United States and the European Union. We believe that the best way to develop a win-win partnership to help patients is to get to know each other. We will work hard to establish a sound relationship with you.

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