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Corporate Values

NS Pharma is fully committed to that all of our activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our internal performance requirements are based on high ethical standards to meet the expectation of all our stakeholders.
This Code of Conduct outlines key elements of our corporate policies. Combined with our policies and procedures, this Code of Conduct aims to help our colleagues think through the issues and make the right decisions.


Code of Conduct


Every person, regardless of position, shares in the responsibility for promoting a positive environment, with open lines of communication throughout the company. NS Pharma has phone and web-based reporting system, which is managed by NAVEX Global’s EthicsPoint system, to enhance communication and empower you to promote safety, security, and ethical behavior.

This system allows you to communicate your concerns or suggestions and enables you to remain anonymous, if you so choose. We have partnered with NAVEX Global to manage the reporting system and maintain confidentiality.
Input is essential to ensuring that NS Pharma maintains a positive, productive workplace. The EthicsPoint system, may be used to anonymously report something that may be cause for concern. Reports will be reviewed and addressed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Make a Report

No Retaliation Policy

NS Pharma have a policy prohibiting retaliation and to protect employees who make good faith reports of potential violations of laws, regulations or NS Pharma policy.

No Retaliation Policy